How does it work?

The REPELZ tag is made from jewelry grade Zamak, which is very strong and does not tarnish, providing longer life. Zamak is an acronym and is made of a combination of Zinc, Aluminum, Magnesium, and Kupfer(copper). Zamak is hypoallergenic and coated in silver. Once Repelz is manufactured, the tag is charged in an industrial magnetizer to create a long-lasting electromagnetic field.

Repelz electromagnetic charge synchronizes with your pet’s natural heart electromagnetic frequency to create scaler waves and form a bio-resonant field that shields your pet from harmful external parasites



Repelz Tag

Technology: Scaler Waves

Scaler waves were initially identified by the Russian physicist, Heinrich Lenz in 1834. Lenz’s Law states that “The direction of current induced in a conductor by a changing magnetic field will be such that it will create a field that opposes the change that produces it.” Nikola Tesla experimented with scaler waves in the 1890s and confirmed the beneficial effects.

The opposing fields are the electromagnetic waves from the Repelz tag and the natural electromagnetic waves from an animal’s heart. The frequencies of these 2 waves are identical, but exactly out of synch. The interwoven synchronization of these opposing fields generates scaler waves, which are composed of pure zero point energy, that create the natural bio-resonant field that repels parasites.


Instructions & Activation

Pets must be free of infestations, including removing eggs, larvae, pupae, and adults prior to activation. 1 Treat your pet to remove any potential existing flea & tick infestations. 2 Attach Repelz tag to your pet’s collar. An optional ring is included. 3 Activation requires 7-30 days, depending on your pet’s age, activity level, heart rate, immune system, and overall health. 4 Do not remove the tag from your pet for any reason (including bathing, grooming, or swimming) otherwise resynchronization may be required.

The Flea & Tick Lifecycle

Flea Lifecycle

Flea Lifecycle

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Tick Lifecycle

Tick Lifecycle

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Warranty Badge


REPELZ ensures your pet will have 24/7 pesticide-free protection from flea & tick infestations and includes a replacement warranty covering material defects or prevention failures. Repelz guarantees this shield will repel 95% of external parasites and 100% of infestations. You may see an occasional flea or tick, but no infestation will occur. Please do not remove Replez from your pet as removal will break the synchronization and require up to 30 days for resynchronization.

Scientific Studies

Faculty of Veterinary Science of the Complutense University of Madrid

The study concluded that there were significant differences between the average number of fleas detected in the treated group, in contrast to the untreated group. The study also concluded that the group of dogs with a tag produced a significant decrease on day 28 and ticks disappeared from that day onward, while the control dogs exhibited no decrease in ticks during the same 2-month period.

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The Cross-Disciplinary Scientific Institute Jovellanos

600 subjects were under observation and epidemic follow-up during 6 years.

Conclusion: FleasGone tag did not cause any adverse or secondary effects on the studied subjects.

Click here to read the control study.

Government Registrations

United States

This establishment number was granted by the United States Environmental Protection Agency in 2002. It identifies the Repelz Tag as a pesticide on the grounds that it is a device that falls under the FIFRA definition of a pesticide device.

FIFRA defines a device as “any instrument or contrivance (other than a firearm) which is intended for trapping, destroying, repelling, or mitigating any pest or any other form of plant or animal life.”

EPA Establishment Number 74920-ESP-001.

  • Pharmazentralnummer (PZN) Deutschland: 0547135
  • Pharmazentralnummer (PZN) Oesterreich: 2217270

The PZN registration was also granted in 2002. Germany and Austria have their own and specific barcode for their pharmaceutical industry. It is called the Pharmazentralnummer or Pharma-Zentral-Nummer which is abbreviated as PZN and means Pharmaceutical Central/General Number. It is mainly used as an identification tool for medicine and health-care products in Germany and some of the other German-speaking countries.


Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (AVPMA)

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