REPELZ Electromagnetic Flea & Tick Tag

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Lifelong Flea & Tick Protection

Protect your pet naturally with the REPELZ electromagnetic tag, which creates a safe & chemical-free shield around your pet to repel fleas & ticks

Technology Meets Nature

Repelz patented technology is scientifically proven & trusted by pet owners worldwide. The tag’s electromagnetic charge synchronizes with your pet’s natural heart electromagnetic frequency to create scaler waves and form a bio-resonant field that naturally shields fleas, ticks & other external parasites from attacking your pet.

Repelz guarantees this shield will repel 95% of external parasites and 100% of infestations. You may see an occasional flea or tick, but no infestation will occur.

The Repelz tag must stay connected to your pet and does not require any maintenance. The tag is waterproof and not affected by weather or temperature. The tag’s coating may wear, but performance will not be compromised as the electromagnetic charge is throughout the entire tag

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